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Started the journey to becoming a B Corp but not there yet? This is the place for aspiring B Corps!

Whether you’re a one (wo)man band, or a company of thousands, we want to help you certify and join the new economy.

If you have specific questions relating to areas of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) head to those forums. There are 5 categories of the BIA, of which you will become acquainted with. They are Environment, Customers, Workers, Governance and Community. We have a forum for each one.

If you’re not sure where your question belongs, post it here and we can help.


Hey! We just JUST submitted our application 2 weeks ago… looking forward to the next verification step and it’ll be interesting to see how our score might change over the assessment period. We shared some insights in our blog here https://blog.weareharvey.com/2019-impact-report/

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Hey @alisonmichalk… what’s the protocol for inviting? Are we including all of NSW in “Sydney”?

Invite away! It’s likely to be a B Local Sydney ‘initiative’ but I’ve big hopes. So the more the merrier!

We’ve had a little pause up until now - but now we’re keen to get it humming over May/June before announcing it more broadly to the B Corp community.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


Hey… awesome. It’s Subpod (https://subpod.com/) up in Byron. They’re in the process of completing their BIA… I’ve invited and also pointed to GoodNorth. They can double dip communities!


Ooh I love Subpods! I was walking around Habitat in Byron the other week admiring them (I’m old friends with Brandon Saul who is behind Habitat). @Zach sing out if we can help you with BIA questions. We’ve new forum category areas for each of the BIA so jump in those if you have questions. Hurrah for compost :smiley:


Hi everyone! I want to introduce our business, as an aspiring B Corp! :wave:t2:

I work with Four Drunk Parrots. We’re a local marketing firm based in Ballina, NSW. :wave:t2:
We’ve been working on our B Impact Assessment for months now - between doing the initial assessment and implementing changes within our organisation, it’s kept us busy. But we’re getting close to the actual application and it’s very exciting! :grin:
We believe in a world where business can do good AND be profitable and we’re stoked to be involved with the B Corp movement. :green_heart:

Can’t wait to get know lots of you and truly dive into this community!

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Hello and welcome @Nadee.4DP! :smiley: So great to have aspiring B Corps join us. It sounds like you are getting close to submission which is exciting. Are you across the new legal changes re: constitutional docs? This can get you a huge extra 7.5 points once you comply. Check out this page for more info. https://www.bcorporation.com.au/legal-requirement

I divide my time between Byron and the Central Coast, so would be great to have a coffee sometime when I’m up your way! :coffee:


Thanks @alisonmichalk! yes we’re across the new changes re constitution and are incorporating them :slight_smile: It’s been a long road but we’re getting there! It’s so great to have a framework like B Corp to guide us.

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This is so awesome thank you so much Alison for setting this up.

I have got a couple of clients that are in the process of doing there BIA and getting B Corp certification so this is fab!



Thanks @MichelleSutherland. Online communities and B Corps are my two passions, so it’s the perfect combination :two_hearts:

It’s early days for the community, so the more involvement, posts & comments, invitations the better. It has the potential to be an amazing resource and place for B Corps and aligned businesses and folk. Thanks for being part of it :raised_hands:

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