B Corp Mentor Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurship & B Corp Education Program

Hello everyone,

As well as helping companies work towards B Corp certification as a B Consultant, I am also working with schools to teach year 8/9/10 all about Social Entrepreneurship & the B corp movement. The first school to roll out this program is Mount Gambier High School in South Australia.

The kids have listed the top B Corps the would like to research more and the teacher I am working with there asking if I could potentially find any mentors from these B corps to chat with the kids.

Does anyone know a good contact in these businesses?

Stone and Wood Brewing
Ben and Jerrys
Comet Skateboards
The Body Shop
Honest to Goodness
Selecta Auto Body

Thanks so much!


Hi Michelle,

I don’t have any contacts there but I’m happy to be involved as a mentor. I was involved in running a social enterprise law firm owned by The Salvation Army that was a B Corp and now run my own business that is also a B Corp.

Andrea Christie-David

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Sorry I don’t have any connections with any of these BCorps however wanted to say well done and great work helping these kids to learn about social entrepreneurship & the B Corp movement! I too am available to chat with the kids as well if it helps.

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Oh Andrea thank you so much! I would love to chat with you - would it be OK if you send me your contact details please? Thanks, Michelle

Thank you Wendy! Would love to chat - let me know your best contact details and I will schedule something in! :slight_smile:

Hi Michelle, My number is 042 080 3689. Regards, Wendy





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Thank you Wendy - will buzz you this week! :slight_smile: