B Corp Xmas corporate gifts

Hi there. I’m working on a few ideas for Xmas corporate gift packs. Any product B Corp out there having something that could work well with our coffee?

For example, last year a great B Corp around here gifted their employees a coffee bag, a coffee brewing piece of equipment and a notebook from B Corp Karst Stone Paper. It was very cool!


Hi Ainhoa,

Stone & Wood would be happy to be part of a B-Corp corporate Xmas hamper.
We could work out some sort of deal where we give a discount to B-corp businesses. Let me know what you’re thinking!



There’s another thread about this in General Discussion, but I’d love to help organise a B Corp gift guide ASAP! First up would be for B Corps to give to clients and employees - maybe an Australian hamper and an NZ hamper. Then a second iteration to share with the public?


Hey Kira,

Yes, we are doing that at the moment actually! Creating some gift pack ideas that can be purchased by the public, then with discounts for bigger orders as corporate gifts. Some of these ideas will be exclusively featuring B Corp products.

Happy to help in any way.

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Hey James do you guys have any non-alcoholic beers? We can’t really sell alcohol :cry:

Love this - happy to get Arbonne involved! Also just had an idea - i am in bondi - and thinking of a B - Corp Bondi Pop up Xmas store - could do online event too actually to reach more people - happy to coordinate with anyone who was keen? Then the online and / or physical event could promote the hampers ? I’ve done this before with arbonne products! So cool!

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Hi all!

Just updating the thread with our Xmas gift ideas, including one that is all about B Corp products: Karst stone paper notebooks, Keepcup and Sample Coffee:



We can sort out the shipping anywhere within Australia and come up with other custom options that include some goodies too. Hit us up if you’re thinking of saying thanks to your clients/mates with a good gift :slight_smile:


Outland corporate gifting
Great to be utilising our network of fabulous folk for corporate gifting!