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Hey everyone,

Does anyone have a contact at Bank Australia - my client wants to change bank and I would love to give them a personal introduction.


Yes, call Sharon on 03 8602 4302

Amazing thanks Marty!

@martydrill can you confirm Sharon is ok to have this number listed as this is a public forum? You can edit to remove if needed.

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Yeah it is fine, its the branch number and she is the branch manager


Fab thanks! We’re just being mindful of data privacy :slight_smile:


Thank you for checking Alison! :slight_smile:

Hello All,

I just wanted to let you know if you didn’t already that Bank Australia like Beyond Bank are also offering FREE community business bank accounts to B Corp’s or those getting started on the B Corp journey. At present referrals from us B Consultants are serving as evidence, and/or along with amended constitutions to meet legal B Corp requirements. So suggest if an organisation is looking to make these changes that they weigh up their choices.

This counts for approx 2 pts on BIA

That’s good to know. I have a lot of accounts with Bank Australia (for Quiip and ffutures) and have specifically asked about getting a discount as a B Corp (as I knew Beyond offered)… but I didn’t hear back! I will follow up.

Hey @natalie.brookes I rung today to enquire about this but their customer service team said no, but they will look into. Do you have a specific contact there that might know more about this offering? Thx!

Hi @alisonmichalk and B Consultant Community,

Hoping you are all well?
Just to clarify this information is based on conversations I have had with both banks (Community Managers), and are only available on community business accounts. Therefore their internal customer service team will probably not be aware of this. Both community account managers have said they are happy to extend this offer to Certified B Corps and to clients that (we as B Consultants) are working with through prior to certification. I have also followed this up since receiving your message to ensure this is still the case.
Nick Winstone Community Development Manager -Beyond Bank
Sharon Archer- Customer Service Manager/Community Manager -Bank Australia

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