BCorps using Better Packaging

Hi all, Kate here from The Better Packaging Co.
During BCorp month in March we’d love to highlight via our social media channels all our fellow awesome Corps using our packaging. I’ve been gathering a bit of a list, but there will be loads of you I don’t know about, so please put your hand up by commenting here or emailing me: kate@betterpackaging.com
Till soon, Kate


Hey Kate! Citizen Wolf use The Better Packaging Co :slight_smile:


Thanks Florence - they’re on my radar! x

Amazing Kate!

@Chris from Pablo & Rusty’s, @sasha from Koskela, @Ainhoa from Sample Coffee if any of you haven’t been connected to The Better Packaging Co., here’s a great chance. :slight_smile:


Hey! I will get my team to reach out Kate! xo

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That would be great Netty.