Beyond Bank Double Donation Campaign 2021

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce our 2021 Double Donation Campaign is starting on Tuesday 16th November 2021.

Many of our community partners have had another challenging year, cancelling or postponing fundraising events.

This year’s campaign aims to provide a much-needed boost to 16 local charities. We will provide each charity with 48 hours to double their donations (up to $10,000 per organisation).

The Double Donation campaign aims to inject up to $320,000 of financial support into our local communities. The fundraiser will be a great way to support those in need as we change lives by returning value to our community in what has been another challenging year. ​​​​​​​

If you would like to support these charities, please click on the link, and follow the steps
Week 1 (8 charities) 16th & 17th November
Week 2 (8 charities) 23rd & 24th November

Thank you for your support of the fundraiser.

Nicholas Winstone
Community Development Manager
Beyond Bank Australia