Community Members -- post your thoughts and feedback here pls!

What is/isn’t working? Share your thoughts here.

Don’t forget we’re aiming to have a minimum of 50 posts across the forum areas, so we need to get some great discussions happening!

I considered a “Certifying and Recertifying” category but we have the 5 impact areas and anything else can go in General Discussion or Aspiring. With communities you want “social density” so it is better to have fewer forums to start with. Are there any crucial ones we are really missing?

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I’m going feed back as I think of things - I wonder if in the ‘read this first’ guide it’s helpful to share examples of what ppl might post or find? I could be entirely wrong but I expect a community of BKeepers and the like to be mostly extremely lovely to each other so less ‘playground rules’ and more ‘how to get the most out of this community’? Maybe even going so far as suggesting how they might remind themselves to participate.

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