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Hi there B Community - My name is Alex Johnston and I work for the wonderful people at Compass Studio in Sydney.

I’m reaching out as one of our beloved clients, Radian energy are looking to shout-out about the wonderful businesses, not-for profits and people who are helping to make an impact on the planet all across Australia.

Through our content series ‘ideas with impact’ - Radian wants to create a community who are empowered by the small and big ideas that can have an impact on the planet and its communities.

I’m looking for suggestions on people, organisations and their projects, that we can elevate and create a conversation with, to inspire Radian’s audience to continue making small (and big) sustainable choices.

Their philosophy is to enable people to use their power for good, and are proudly offering Net-zero, as well as 100% renewable Greenpower certified energy across Australia.

You can learn more about Radian energy via their website

Looking forward to hearing any suggestions!


Hi Alex
Would compostable bras suit your customers? I find my customers apply sustainability across many aspects if their lifestyle.
Let m eknow

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Hello Alex , I recommend Tim Sims Managing Director, Co-Founder at Pacific Equity Partners and Dr Michele Roberts Associate Professor l AGSM Academic Director UNSW Business School | UNSW Sydney . Best Lee Tonitto