Cross-brand marketing // Collaborations

After chatting to a few of you, I think there’s some great energy brewing for some B Corp collabs. :coffee:

The team at Pablo & Rusty’s is looking to highlight some B Corps in their marketing and bring awareness to other good businesses offering products/services to their e-commerce audience. Would love to see more of this happening!

Want to get involved? Raise your hand here. :raised_hand:


Yew! Thanks Kira! Couldn’t have put it better myself!

Love to chat and possibly collaborate with fellow B-Corps who are keen to build awareness of their brand, their retail offerings (products/services) and more broadly the B-Corp movement itself.

I think there’s some solid potential in reaching out and engaging with value-aligned audiences within our communities.


Hi Chris, Mea from LilyBee Wrap here! Would love to collaborate with Pablo & Rusty - a LilyBee wrapped snack goes extra well with a great cup of coffee! Would be great to connect and hear what you have in mind - I’m on


Hey @Mea_LilyBee great to hear from you.
There are a few apiarists amongst our crew :honeybee:, would love to chat, I’ll flick you a note.

Chat soon,