Custom B Corp merch ideas

We’re in the process of launching some B Corp t shirts (plus our amazing Patagonia backpacks), but I’d love to hear from you! What merch would you like to see to welcome B Corps into the community - or help more B Corp employees rock the B?

  • Do you have a merch idea in mind?
  • Can we get it from a B Corp?
  • Where do you use the B Corp logo?

Here’s some inspiration :slight_smile:


Water bottles/Tea Flasks are always a winner!

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Hi @Kiraday, I’d love to know who your go-to suppliers are for t-shirt printing?

B Corp Etiko made our last batch of t-shirts, but I know a few other B Corps - including Outland Denim - also do tees (see attached)!

MAEKA_Standard_T-shirts (1).pdf

Great, thank you! I knew of Etiko but great to hear Outland Denim is in the space too.

Let us know if you need any poly bags and/or courier bags for them!

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Karst stone paper notebooks & pencils, good practical merch that gets used.

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Stickers and badges! People ALWAYS ask where they can get a B Corp badge lol!

One other idea I just floated with Andrew and Anna is for each B Corp in this region to be given a cap # like in professional sport.

So Richie McCaw is All Black #1014. How about that for B Corps? I think it would be cool for businesses to show on LinkedIn/social etc that they are Aus B Corp #23 or NZ B Corp #42.

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Great idea Tim! I’ll look into doing some orders for some of this merch if you think there’s appetite for it. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, don’t forget about these B Corp backpacks!