Delaware Limited Partnership Eligibility for B Corp

Hi all,

I’ve got a somewhat arcane question about US legal structures and B Corp eligibility @Shalini_B_Lab per our conversation a few moments ago:

Are Delaware limited partnerships are eligible for B corp certification?

My client is a US company, with US-domestic only operations. It is more than keen to certify as a B Corp. However, it is a Delaware limited partnership.

The B Corp Legal Requirements section of the website doesn’t provide an option for limited partnerships (LPs), only limited liability partnerships (LLPs), which are a different corporate structure.

Does anyone have any insight as to whether this legal structure is still eligible?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi @HughMcG,

I can confirm that LPs (including Delaware LPs) can adopt the existing corporate amendment language to fulfill the B Corp legal requirement.

So yes, still eligible for B Corp certification.


That’s great, Shalini! Thank you thank you!!

@Shalini_B_Lab, thanks again for your help.
Just to be perfectly clear. Can you please confirm this link is the language you’re referring to?

Thanks again!

@HughMcG - yes correct!