Driving the B-economy.....discounts for B-corps

Hi everyone,

Using B-corp Month as a catalyst, there’s a real opportunity for us all to give a little boost to the B-economy by promoting B-corp to B-corp discounts. A few reps from Sydney based B-corps have asked me what type of discount is common or appropriate to provide other B-corps. So in light of this, I thought we could start a little thread on this topic…

  1. Does your B-corp provide a discount on goods/services for other B-corps? If so, are you able to share what this is so we can get an idea of a rough benchmark of what is appropriate…

  2. Any creative ideas on ways we could promote this within the community?




Hey @Maxvanbiene

We provide a 20% site-wide discount to B Corps on our MarchFirst website Just use the link in this post to access it, or share the code BCORPCHAMPIONS :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding more courses and resources (that rhymes…) throughout the year.

The most popular tool on the site is the Monthly membership for purpose-driven leaders.


Hey Max! We’re working on a page to host B Corp perks and discounts to share with the community, but right now there are a few that I know of:

  • Free 6 pack with any case purchase for 4 Pines (use code 4PinesFamily)
  • 20% off Etiko clothes and shoes (use code BCorpFriends)
  • Fee-free banking with Beyond Bank for B Corps

*clicking on the Beyond Bank link …


Hey all - I’ll throw out there a 10% that Stone & Wood offer for B-Corp employees on our online store - use code BCORP10

Cheers :beers: