Meeting room/workshop spaces on Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne

Hi B Corp community!

I’m looking to collate a list of possible venues we can use in some of our upcoming workshops in the following locations;

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

Some sessions will be 1/1 workshops, so for this we are looking for private rooms, big enough for us to get creative and put post-it notes and flip charts on the walls, we won’t need projectors and big tables for this one. Happy to look out of the box for these spaces!

The other type of room would be for a larger group workshop, where we will want the standard workshop items - projector, wifi, tables and chairs for up to 25, natural light, tea/coffee available or accessible nearby, toilets and on-site tech support.

Hit me up with any suggestions and I can make direct contact, at this stage I want to compile a list and book in asap - we support our local communities and B Corps where possible.