My First B-Corp Client - HELP! 😃

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I am seeking some help/ guidance. I have started my own change consultancy to educate and empower companies to make the necessary changes to become b-Corp. I come from a change management consultant & social entrepreneur background so this made complete sense to me.

I have my first client! Yeahhhh! However they are a kinda big one (this wasn’t planned) hehe… they are a $60million Australian listed company and I’ve got the founder/ chairman to complete the assessment which so far is sitting at 94 so looks great however obviously now I need to validate all of this ! I’ve got a mentor in the USA who is guiding me what to do next however I would love help from an Australia point of view. What are the next steps?

My questions -

  • am I best to charge per hour for to validate? (That’s what a number of consultants have shared with me)
  • does anyone know roughly how many hours This would take to validate?
  • anything else I need to know?

I have been super open with him that this is our first one as a business and he’s super open and collaborative and understands we are learning together! Which is awesome. I’ve known his CEO for 10 years and use to work for him so that’s helping right now if I don’t quite know what I’m doing ! Hehe

Anyways - i would really appreciate your guidance!

Michelle x


Hi Michelle, we can assist here too. Drop me a note to and I’ll connect you with some resources and our team. Cheers, Andrew


Ok thanks @Andrew-BLab will drop you a note!

Hi Michelle :wave:

Sounds like the excellent Andrew Davies has helped you out, so you probably know that the validation/standard assessment is part of the certification process which will take place once they’ve submitted their application. If they’re already on 94 it doesn’t sound like you’ll need to do any consulting – unless they’d like a higher score! Which you can start working on for their recert in a few years :smiley:

Sing out if you have other questions! The client is also welcome to join this community any time!

Check out

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thank you Robin! This is fab!

Thanks so much Alison, yeah i didn’t need to do any consulting with them just a bit if education on why to go for it. However, now they say they want to delay for 2 years which seems a bit backward to me so just working with them to go for it and keep evolving as they go and build it into their overall strategy and programs. One step at a time! :slight_smile:

That’s a little frustrating especially when they are over the line! But no doubt there are lots of working parts to integrate certification (an ongoing improvement) into their business model. Did they explain why they would delay the decision? Would it be helpful if they spoke to other companies of a similar size? I’m sure @Mindy_B_Lab or Andrew could facilitate that!

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