Pending B in NZ

Hi all
Anyone knows what’s the situation with Pending B in NZ?
I’m working with a client who’s about to submit their BIA. They also have an investment round going on in the next couple of weeks and want to know if they can add Pending B to their profile
@Shalini_B_Lab @Mindy_B_Lab

@Mindy_B_Lab - do you want to take this one?

@Mindy_B_Lab @Shalini_B_Lab ? Or is there somewhere where I can find this information? I have looked here and couldn’t find anything. Thanks

Hi @luciadiegil - there is some work being done in the background on this, but there is nothing publicly disclosed in our region for the time being. Mindy or I will keep all B Consultants informed of developments as they progress.

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Thanks a lot @Shalini_B_Lab So, just to confirm, it’s not available at this point in NZ.

@luciadiegil - yes that is correct!

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Thank you so much @Shalini_B_Lab !

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Sorry I have been on leave Lucia!

As Shalini mentioned, we are working to on Pending B for AU and NZ at the moment to be launched later this year. Stay tuned!

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