Supporting great B Corp business

Beyond Bank Australia supports B Corps on their journey to become a #betterbusiness through our business banking. Listen to the story of our B Corp customer Unico Zelo and hear what they have to say about business with impact. We had some great conversations with them as we made this video - they certainly left us inspired!



Great video, well done Beyond Bank and Unico Zelo! Thanks for sharing Alison – it’s a great story. Am a fan of their product too :slight_smile: Do we have the Unico folk here? Please invite them if not.

Are you doing a series of vids on B Corps or was this a one off? Would love to see more!

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Hi Alison. We also did one for Flora and Fauna that you may have missed - another great business with a great story. We’ll probably do some more over time as we are actively trying to support other B Corps. Here you go: Beyond Bank | B Corp | Flora and Fauna Julie Mathers - YouTube.

More on our sustainability page :slight_smile:

We love Unico Zelo so much.