Ticker TV opportunity for B Corps

Calling all B Corps! Are you keen to have your business featured on Ticker TV? Reply to this thread or send me an email if you want to lock in a spot. :slight_smile:

Where: Melbourne at the Ticker TV Studios in Port Melbourne (VIC)

When: Flexible dates in August, for 1 hour in studio

Cost: $2,500 - $3,200, dependent on how many are involved

What it includes:

  • Being part of one professionally produced feature episode with a 2.5 minute run time, alongside 1-2 other B Corps
  • Episode is featured in tickeroriginals.co with a dedicated show portal and custom thumbnail
  • Paid/boosted social media posts for the episode
  • Episode plays 5 times a day M-F for two weeks on the 24-hour platform, plus bonus playout 5 times per day (Saturday & Sunday)
  • License rights to redistribute the video content (full and free use)