Want to be a mentor or mentee? B Corp community mentoring

As a movement, we have over 4,500 Certified B Corporations spanning across more than 150 industries, employing almost 400,000 people around the world. What if we could tap into this diversity of knowledge, skills, and experience to help one another grow?

We’ve teamed up with Mentorloop to bring the next generation of mentoring to our community — starting with B Corps in Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand.

How does it work?
B Corp employees sign up for free to be a mentor, mentee, or both. After creating your profile, Mentorloop’s algorithm will help match you with the right person to meet your personal and professional goals. Whether you’re after traditional mentoring, learning from peers, or a
reverse mentoring experience, we’ll make sure you have the best
match possible.

Why mentoring?
For mentees, it’s a chance to connect and learn from a more experienced mentor who can offer insight, advice, and opportunities to help you progress in your career.
For mentors, it’s an opportunity to give back while improving your leadership and management skills by providing advice and feedback to someone who can really use your help.

What’s the commitment?
It’s up to each mentoring pair to decide how much time to invest, but the best connections typically involve a monthly communication through whatever channel suits you best.

Spots are limited! Sign up by 1 February to be included in the first round of matching.

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