Welcome - Introduction Thread

Hello @andreacd and Leor!

Hi everyone, great to be here and look forward to following all the inspiring discussions!

Just as a quick intro, I work in ethical marketing and am currently working with the wonderful 2040 film team to help grow awareness of climate solutions.

If anyone is interested, as part of our impact program, we’ve launched a new corporate program to support businesses to lead on climate and grow employee/stakeholder engagement with climate action. Would love any help spreading the word :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone! My name is Marnie and I’m a photographer for people doing good things.

I’m based in the Macedon Ranges just outside of Melbourne, and just submitted my B Corp assessment yesterday - with the help of the wonderful @alisonmichalk!

I look forward to meeting more of the B Corp community here in Victoria, and also across the rest of the states - I’m always travelling for work.

Cheers, Marnie


Hi everyone,

I’m really excited to join this community!! I also recognise some familiar names who are stars in this space! So great to see!!

I run Social Mission a purpose-driven PR agency that helps brands find and communicate their personal purpose, corporate purpose and social purpose so they stand out, stand for something and change the world!! :slight_smile:

I’m super passionate about this space and have been working as a purpose-driven PR specialist for nearly 20years. Gee that makes me sound old but I’m soooo young at heart and super eager to keep championing a movement that is changing the world!!!

Can’t wait to get to know you all a little better!!! Dora


Hi everyone,

I’m Luca Frost from Frost*collective. We are strategic creative agency dedicated to designing a better world. We operate across society bringing ideas to life through our dedicated branding, place, environments and packaging teams.

We also have a podcast called Design Your Life hosted by our Founder and CEO Vince Frost featuring creative entrepreneurs around the world.

We are really proud to be newly B Corp certified and can’t wait to get to know more of you. You can reach me at luca.frost@frostcollective.com.au



Welcome @lucafrost and congrats on your certification! Great to have you here, and look forward to having you as part of the B Corp community! :raised_hands:

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Hi Everyone

My name is Alison and I’m from Beyond Bank Australia. I’m very excited to work for a B Corp - it’s one of those things I’ve aspired to do for a while.

I am part of the communications team at Beyond Bank and I have responsibility for our B Corp comms plan. Not only do we want to raise awareness of how Beyond Bank supports communities, but we will be proactively supporting #betterbusiness and Australian B Corps through awareness-raising and education.

I am reading some of the posts on this forum with great interest.



@jeremy I don’t want to spoil any announcement that Ben and Cassy may want to make, but Kilara Capital just got certified. I’m a longtime fan of the work Small Giants does, and I’m happy to the rest of the family here!


Greetings! I’m a social impact professional and long-time fan of the B Corp movement. I am Chief Impact Officer of freshly-minted B Corp Kilara Capital. Kilara Capital invests in deeply sustainable businesses across four key themes: future foods, circular economy, energy transformation and environmental markets. We are also project developers and asset managers focused on advancing the build-out of utility scale renewable energy assets alongside the development of bespoke, zero emissions infrastructure solutions to businesses invested in the ‘cooling economy’.

Through my own impact strategy consultancy ImpactAbility Solutions, I advise the Climate Venture Capital Fund in Auckland and Damson Capital in Singapore. Through the University of Melbourne, I teach social entrepreneurship and sustainable finance.

I am passionate about evidence-led strategy and I love connecting people, ideas and resources.


Hi @Jodi welcome to the community and thanks for joining. It sounds like you have a wealth of knowledge on impact investing and beyond — great to have you here. And congrats on your newly minted B Corp status, we all appreciate what an achievement that is!

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Hi Bcorp community, so excited to be here, it’s been a long but great journey to certification!

My name is Tash, I’m the COO at Good Empire, about 1 week ago we were certified. Yay for us.

My biggest passions are campaigning and supporting human rights initiatives. I’ve been part of campaigns supporting marriage equality, trans rights, minority communities, changing the date of January 26th, supporting people seeking asylum etc.

This is why I work at Good Empire, because I get to work on all the issues I care most about every single day!

As a very quick intro to what we do at Good Empire:

In the hands of an individual, Good Empire is sort of a social app for good that challenges us to level up for people and planet, built around 8 core drives of human motivation.

Users set impact goals aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, take action in global challenges connected with the most important impact projects around the world, and track and share their progress in real impact measures, not just contributions.

But actually it’s organisations that are the life blood of Good Empire.

We’re building the next generation of Impact Engagement SaaS - a powerful software platform to help organisations set their impact goals across the SDGs, track and measure in real impact metrics, and properly engage their teams, customers and community to amplify their social and environmental impact.

Large enterprises, small businesses, schools, clubs, govt orgs, non profits – can all harness the Good Empire platform to engage their people and level up their impact. And users - employees, students, customers, everyone - use the app in the same way as the rest of the community, with access also to their organisation’s goals and challenges.

You can download the app and take action and have impact immediately.

Apple & Android links.

We’ll be launching an IWD challenge tomorrow too, looking to raise funds for One Girl, an NFP supporting women and girls in Uganda in education. I hope you’ll join us for this!

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Hi everyone, hi @alisonmichalk!

So happy to finally be here :slight_smile: !

I am Sasha, a Co-Founder at TOMbag.com.au which I run together with my husband Johnathan. Our journey started 2.5 years ago when I got an idea of creating an alternative to single-use garbage bags. As I hate contributing to single-use plastic pollution, I wanted to bring to the market a product that would be reusable and fully circular. It took us 8 prototypes to create a product that we were happy with. At the moment we have a range of reusable garbage bags in different sizes and sell to both individual customers and businesses. Our products are made with post-consumer waste (GRS certified recycled plastic) and can be fully upcycled at the end of their life. As a business we are committed to donate at least 3% of our revenues to charities with environmental focus - right from the start we have been planting a tree in Australia for each product we sell and recently we’ve also committed to contribute to the restoration of the Great Barrier Reef via donations to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

We are based in Sydney, passionate about all things sustainable and circular. Apart from TOMbag as a family we are juggling one full-time job and a parenting of a wild two year old - crazy mix!


Hi @SashaTOMbag - it sounds like you certainly have your hands full. My very complicated bin/recycling system is a constant source of amusement for all my friends, so I’ll have to check out TOMbag. Great to have you part of the community.

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Hi @larahkennedy - so sorry for the delay in my response, but I missed an email notification, so seeing your comment just now. That’s so great to hear that you put so much thought into managing your waste and recycling. I used to live in Prague and many families there had multiple bins for different kinds of waste - paper, glass, general waste, compost, etc.

Hi All,
I’m Marky and I am from Frank Wild, a sustainable events company based in Melbourne. We do all kinds of events and creative build projects, with every single one of them pulled apart, assessed, and generally put through the wringer on sustainability measures. We have developed our own carbon impact calculator that is specific to the events industry and we’re a registered consultant for Climate Active.
I spent the first 3 months of my lock down finishing off my B-corp certification and the last 3 months celebrating. Obviously our industry was battered though it all, but we have come out of the blocks firing and are busier than we have ever been before. So I have been struggling with my workload and as a result, yet to get involved with the B-Corp community.
But really excited to finally get amongst this greta bunch of people.
Thanks @alisonmichalk for getting this going.


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Hey Marky! Welcome to the community, thanks for joining. Apologies for the delay in responding, I’ve been away snowboarding!

Fantastic to hear about Frank Wild. My partner works for a huge events company is often driven crazy by the lack of sustainability in the space. Well done on using the downtime for knuckling down with your B Corp certification – a huge achievement! :clap:

Really good to have your knowledge in the ever-growing hive-mind of our community. I’m not sure if Melb folk are doing coffee mornings yet, but there is a Melb thread so jump in there and keep on top of any chances to meet Melb folk IRL.

Thanks again for joining & posting! :smiley:

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