B Corp Month - Collab Session!

Hi Everyone,

B Corp Month is our annual global celebration of all that it means to be a B Corp, and it’s coming up again in March 2024. It’s a wonderful time for B Corps in our community to combine forces for good!

We are hosting an online meetup for Australia & Aotearoa NZ B Corps to explore and workshop ideas for brand partnerships, events, employee education, promotions, and more. The activation toolkit will be distributed in December - meanwhile, we want to start your creative juices flowing and support each other to make it our biggest B Corp Month yet!

This session is ideal for your B Corp champions, and marketing and communications team members. We hope you can join us!

Please be sure to register here: B Corp Month 2024 — Online Collaboration Event | Humanitix

Thank you,


Hey Angie,

Can B Consultants join in this too? I am hoping to press submit on my own application before B Corp month and am also wanting to arrange a local meetup with Sunshine Coast B Corps so could get something local happening up here!

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Hi Jen - yes you’re welcome to join us - see you there!

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Hi Jen,

We met at one of your "becoming a B Corp’ intro workshops in late 2022. We’re still progressing with our application and would be interested in a Sunshine Coast meetup if one gets off the ground.


Fabulous news!!! Will keep you updated, potentially late Jan, but happy to connect with you anytime. I’m doing my BIA too - my email is jen@rejenerate.co if you want to ask any questions :slight_smile: