B Corp Month Special Speed Networking Online

March is B Corp month. What if we knew each other in the B Corp and purpose led business community on a profound level?

Imagine the greater good we could do together.

It’s on March 3rd - 6:30pm to 8pm Brisbane time.

The purpose of this event is to help you get to know the other awesome people in the community, to form and strengthen awesome bonds, and fuel potential collaborations.

These events are for all Good Humans, independent of what you do for work, or where you are. We are about what you intend!

It is proudly brought to you by the Good Business Community that is GoodNorth.

While the name suggests Networking, there is a twist: We pose a different question. Not “What do you do?” rather “What are you passionate about changing in the world?” Or “What cause lights you up?”

It’s the way we see what is in each other’s heart, our common purpose, our intent.