B Corp or purpose-driven event venues in NSW


I’d love recommendations for event venues that are purpose-driven/climate neutral/B Corp run in New South Wales. We don’t want to fly anywhere for our annual retreat (if possible!).

Thank you in advance,


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or 4 Pines :wink:

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Hi Lydia,

I haven’t been here but I’ve heard lots of great things about it. About an hour and a half’s drive from Sydney. Not a B Corp but I’m pretty sure they’d be values aligned, and perhaps you could convince them to join us while you’re there :wink:

It belongs to a friend of a former colleague so I can probably find out some more info if you need.

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Thanks Karen, this looks great! :slight_smile:

I have stayed there, it’s a stunning setting. And the food… amazing!!!

Alternatively - but unfortunately also not a B Corp - Byron @ Byron. Haven’t stayed myself but have heard great things about them.


+1 for the Freedom Hub! Sally and her team are incredible :slight_smile:

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