B Corp Policy Pack

G’day! It’s been quiet lately… hope everyone is staying happy & healthy in the time of the rona!

I quite often get asked if there’s a policy pack/set of templates by people going through the BIA. Has anyone seen something along these lines that we could make easy to share?


Hey Ben. It’s not as neatly packaged as such (good idea though), but you can find a lot of the templates here in the knowledge base. Are there specific ones you’re on the hunt for?



Hey… awesome! Thanks for that. I’ve never seen that page before! I’ve forwarded it on.

I’ve had a few people ask over the years. Small businesses where they’re already doing a bunch of things in the BIA but don’t necessarily have a written policy. When we originally certified if the question said “do you have a policy”… and it was something we were already doing, I claimed the points and wrote put something in writing for the ones asked for in the audit. How many employees have ever read a ream of company policies? :smile:

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I never found this when I was certifying either.

I wonder if Jon (from Mentally Friendly) has seen as he was exploring knowledge bases too. I can’t tag him as he’s not here… yet.

There’s a wealth of info out there but it really is not easy to find. But I feel like we’re collectively developing and refining it as we go. And I like to think this community can really play a part in both pointing people in the right direction, and sharing our own experiences!


Documentation and policy is increasingly important to have ready in the case that your verification includes a onsite visit or in preparation for recertification. And in the BIA you can attach your “proof” to each question. So you’re prepared before verification even begins.

However, policy templates and support should be much more accessible. And it’s important to think of fun ways to engage staff with policy so that we’re all creating cultures of shared responsbility. This gets more complex depending on the size of your B Corp etc.

This is at the core of what I’m working on now, if anyone ever has any questions feel free to reach out!


Code for Australia open sources its policies

@Kiraday - as you are creating a resources library, wanted to add this to your list https://kb.bimpactassessment.net/support/home


Hi @Kiraday and team,

I have been looking at all of these fabulous links which is super helpful thank you! But i can’t find any policy templates on ethical marketing, advertisement or customer engagement. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction regarding those? thanks so much!

Ooh I’d love one of those too if anyone has one! Literally looking at that yesterday. Thx @meiling and @Kiraday