B Local Wellington! Sign up!

Hi B Corp friends!

@LeeBright from Method and I are going to be heading up B Local Wellington, organising regular events and helping the community connect.

We will be moving away from emailing everyone directly and instead sending out event information from a central platform.

If you’re keen to stay in the loop on upcoming B Local Wellington events, we’d love you to sign up. Please also share it with other people in your business to get them engaged.

We’re thinking of bi-monthly in-person events (pandemic allowing) and, in the off months, have an online catch-up. We’re in the process of organising our first catch-up at the end of August.

I’m really excited to see our Wellington community grow and help each other to thrive. :clap:

Any questions, just shout! :speaking_head:



Thanks Clare, excited to see you all there!