Brain health drinks for sampling opportunities/ event sponsorship

Hi lovely B Corp community,

We’re working with an amazing brain food company who have generously offered to donate some of their incredible brain drinks to aligned events

If you’re running an event in Australia or New Zealand over the coming months and think your guests would be interested in sipping on some brain health boosting beverages, please drop me an email on with a little info about the event and we can go from there.

Thank you!


Wow! What a generous offer, thanks so much for letting us know Winnie

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I can mention to in a B Locals meeting tmrw if helpful. I believe your very own Dan is in touch re: B Local Northern Rivers!

Is the company a B Corp, or aspiring B Corp?

Hi Alison,

So lovely to hear from you!

Dan mentioned this this morning – how exciting!

The Ārepa team would be happy to provide drinks for this event, and are happy to share that they are indeed an aspiring B Corp (they’re just starting the application process).

If you could please let me know how many drinks you’ll need and the best mailing address, we’ll get them on their way to you ASAP :slight_smile:

Speak soon,