Celebrating & Welcoming New B Corps! 🥳

We have new B Corps joining the community every day. Since I can’t keep on top of all the new ones, I would love companies to either intro themselves here or have B Lab’s awesome Community Manager @Kiraday keep us updated.

The latest that has me very excited is Melbs-based Envato. A real shining star in the tech space, I’ve long heard great things from Envatians! Welcome! (And ping my fellow community nerd @BenLeong. Rather chuffed to have you here.)


:wave: Hi all! Happy to be here - I’m looking forward to meeting more people from local B Corps, particularly once we get out of lockdown :slight_smile:


Please join me in welcoming the latest B Corp companies to the fold. Congrats - you made it through certification! :partying_face:If you know any staff at these companies please tag them here so they can jump in the community. Woo hoo!


Here’s a link to a Google Sheet that lists 2020’s New B Corps. I believe it’s updated by B Lab US & Canada. But it lists new B Corps from around the world. :partying_face:

:wave:Welcome Ben! So great to hear Envato is a certified B Corp and excited that we can now cross paths in the B Corp community as well as the CM community!


Thanks @alisonmichalk and hi new B Corp community! I’m Mea, Marketing Manager at LilyBee Wrap. We are super excited to have made it through certification and look forward to connecting with you and all the other like minded superheros making positive impact through business! We love collaborating, so if you do too then shoot me an email and we can chat ideas.


Welcome Mea - so good to have you here. Thanks for joining and saying hello! Sing out if we can help – or kick off some discussions. The community is new and we welcome everyone’s help in getting it buzzing :heart:

@Kiraday do we have a list of new folk for September? :partying_face:

New B Corps August/September 2020!
If you see any of these B Corps around, be sure to give them a big welcome!

  • and some that aren’t quite ready to announce publicly yet :shushing_face: but I can’t wait to share when they do!

Thanks Alison, TEM is proud to now be part of the BCorp community having completed our certification in July. We look forward to connecting with our fellow BCorps and learning from one another.


Thanks for the post @Kiraday!
We’ve just reached out to Stay Tray as we’d love to stock them on Zenko. I think these trays would be perfect for office wide coffee runs to help reduce waste in the workplace!

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@Gemma I was just checking out the TEM website and loved reading about the Cool Fire projects – reinstating traditional fire burning practices to reduce emissions. Amazing. Great to have you here. I’ve no doubt there will be questions you can answer, and as a community we value being able to tap into your knowledge re: offsetting and beyond.

Hi Friends! I’m Becky from Harvey - one part of the strategic marketing team with my husband @simon.smallchua Our B Corp certification came through while I was in labour with our first baby on the 1st of August lol :baby: :b:The talented crew at Fancy Films @elsiefancyfilms made a little video to help announce our certification - check it out!

And a little blog more about us and why we chose to go through the B Corp process - https://blog.weareharvey.com/we-became-a-b-corp-to-audit-our-ethics/


Such a pleasure to collaborate with Harvey! Dream team :heart_eyes:


Congratulations @rebecca.smallchua and @simon.smallchua on the baby and the B Corp certification!

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Thanks, @alisonmichalk we’re so stoked to have journeyed through the certification and to join this thriving community of purpose-driven folk! My name is Bee and I am the Digital Campaign Producer at We Are Explorers. Yew!


Hey All

We have published a blog on The B Corp Revolution, following our recent accreditation. Would like to share the article with you.


The challenge with capitalism is that it focuses on profit at any cost, leaving governments to deal with the impact. Governments then implement regulations to attempt to find the balance and hold companies to account. Often these regulations are too late or fall short of what is needed to restore the balance. And the never-ending need for companies to grow pushes them to seek other ways to keep shareholders happy. Better, faster, cheaper. These principles focus on consumers and result in higher profits. However, they have led to disastrous implications for the environment. From fast fashion to plastic oceans. Many organisations are looking for an alternative.