Free Peak Performance Session

It’s lockdown again so here’s a high energy 90-minute session to keep your head in the game!

In this 90-minute high energy and interactive workshop, we’ll explore how our mindset is critical for us to thrive even in the current times.

Over our time together we will explore:

· How the brain works.

· How the lizard brain keeps us locked in fear and stress (and how to fix that!)

· Ideas of how to ensure we maintain higher levels of wellbeing.

· How luck, growth mindset and high performance are interlinked.

· Techniques for ensuring you consistently operate at peak mental performance levels.

· Ideas on how to pick yourself up and keep going in testing times.

Feedback from the session a week ago:


Best zoom session ever :blush: :blush::blush:

The workshop was so helpful! It really resonated with me.

Really have taken on board what you said int his workshop and it is really going to help.

Well this session was an amazing thing

I really enjoyed the workshop, it was lively and fun, and a treat to interact with the different, but like-minded people.

The workshop content was great, and the delivery/facilitation was outstanding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And yes it’s free to attend #givingback