Impact evaluation

Hey B’s and Soon-to-Be-B’s,

I thought we could start a thread on the ins and outs of the topic of Impact Evaluation.

I’ve done a few, and am in the midst of one at the moment, and I’ve found that the models, approaches and principles shift from organisation to organisation.

I recently attended a presentation of the Australian Fed Gov’s impact evaluation strategy for Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander peoples and it provided a really simple, clear approach.

Would love to hear if from those experienced in the area on your thoughts, ideas and insights.


Was going to start a new post about this, but let’s give your post a bump Jim!

I wanted to share this Impact measurement resource recently published by Spark. Free to download.

It’s a practical guide about how to move from impact measurement theory (like a theory of change) to impact measurement practice. Would be good to hear your thoughts (Jim) given your range of experiences.