Information session for recertifying B Corps: May session

Hosted by B Lab AANZ, this session is for recertifying B Corps, to assist them in completing their B Corp recertification within their three-year term. Join us as we provide guidance to help you prepare for your assessment, and meet this timeline.

Note on submission date: All B Corps must submit their B Impact Assessment for recertification six months prior to their “recertification date”. This is to ensure that you are recertified within your current three year term.

In this session, we will cover recertification basics, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it entails and how to navigate through the process. Learn how to determine your recertification date and access essential resources, including our comprehensive guide.

This 1 hour session will cover:

  • Recertifying Basics: A refresher on how to find your recert date, how to add team members to your assessment, how to access your previously verified assessment.
  • Timeline: Gain insights into a prep timeline, understanding how long it typically takes to prepare for recertification.
  • BIA Tips: Explore valuable tips and strategies to effectively complete your B Impact Assessment (BIA) and ensure a successful recertification.
  • Improvement Report: Learn how to access your improvement report, set achievable goals, and effectively track your progress towards meeting B Corp standards.
  • Understanding Business Changes: Delve into how changes within your business (such as an acquisition, a change of ownership or corporate structure, a new brand, or operations in a new country) impact the recertification process
  • Q+A: Submit and ask any pressing questions in regards to your journey, to be answered by the B Lab AANZ certification team.

Join us for this informative session and ensure your recertification journey is as efficient and successful as possible!

Other useful resources: