Kicking off B Corp Month

Today is the first day of B Corp Month, where we’ll be going ‘Behind the B’ — showing the world what happens behind closed doors at B Corps and B Lab.

We’re so excited to be heading into this month: sharing stories, hosting events, and connecting with our community. Check out this short message from me to our B Corps to kick things off.

While we celebrate, I want to acknowledge that it continues to be a difficult time for many businesses, and people, around the world. The effects of the pandemic are still with us, and there is a quickly evolving situation in Europe that we are watching with heavy hearts. We hope that this month, we can reflect on business’ role in a changing world, and how we can transition to an inclusive, equitable economic system that keeps people and communities at the front.

The movement has been growing at an unbelievable rate. Let’s use this momentum to continue to transform capitalism until we have a system that works for everyone.