Meet the new B Corps carving out purpose-driven businesses Down Under

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Week by week, the movement for purpose-driven business grows bigger and better. Now at over 7,000 strong globally, and 500+ in our region — Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand — we are proud to represent businesses across dozens of industries, all with one unifying goal: to transform our global economic system into one that is kind, equitable and regenerative.

A quick gander around the free B Corp Directory will reveal the many businesses, both in this part of the world and others, who are using the mechanisms of the market and the power of business as a force for good. And each month, we have the privilege of featuring a number of them on our blog. Want to meet a couple of our New Bs? Of course you do!

Introducing: Arbortech — an Australian company that specialises in designing and manufacturing tools for the woodworking and trade industries. And Down Under Enterprises — renowned grower, producer and global wholesale supplier of pure Australian Essential Oils and native Australian botanical ingredients. Let’s learn more about these two recently Certified B Corporations.

Image: Arbortech

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A holistic approach to business from product to market

In their words, what sets Arbortech apart is their holistic approach to business; taking an idea and transforming it into a fully realised and manufactured product, and handling every step of the process along the way.

A group of passionate creators with a desire to challenge the norm, their journey started 35 years ago with the invention of the first woodcarver blade in Nannup, Western Australia (Noongar land). This blade was the first of its kind, and it ushered in the era known as ‘power carving’ and other unique cutting products and technologies.

Since expanding worldwide, with offices located in Australia, North America, and Europe, the Arbortech team is deeply committed to developing innovative and reliable tools that meet the needs of both woodworkers and tradespeople. 

“Our tools are simply a product of that incessant reluctance to accept the status quo. And our mission is to bring value and joy to woodworkers worldwide.”

— Arbortech

By fostering a community where woodworkers can connect, learn, and grow through workshops, online resources, and partnerships, Arbortech empowers and enables woodworkers to do their best work, delivering exceptional tools that inspire their creativity, enhance their craft, and contribute to their success. 

Now, a leading manufacturer of innovative tools and beloved the world over by those looking for function, inspiration or both, the company has more than 50 employees across four continents, with products sold into more than 100 countries around the world.

“We’re passionate about the work they do and proud to be part of their woodworking journey. By prioritising the interests of all stakeholders, we aim to create a business that not only brings value to customers but also makes a meaningful and lasting difference in the world.”

— Arbortech

Image: Arbortech

What business ought to be — creating value and positive impact for all

A world where all stakeholders, not just shareholders, are valued and prioritised, is the kind of world that B Lab and B Corps not only know is possible, but work hard to make a reality.

For recently certified Arbortech, this means being brave enough to create a business that focuses first and foremost on generating “real value and a positive impact for all stakeholders”, instead of a simple and somewhat archaic focus on profit alone. 

“Corporate vision should extend beyond financial gains and greenhouse gas reductions. Companies should be committed to making a positive impact in all areas of their business, whether it’s through ethical practices, community engagement, or employee wellbeing.”

— Arbortech

As a company that places a premium on not just ‘what’ they do, but who they are and how they do it, Arbortech positions itself as the ‘slow fashion’ advocates of the tool industry. Making products that are built to last and shouldn’t need to be replaced, their philosophy is: ‘make it once and make it properly’. Naturally, becoming a B Corp was a natural extension of the sustainability and values on which their business was built over 35 years ago.

“We decided a long time ago that it’s not enough for us to produce quality, innovative technologies, if our business is negatively harming the environment and society. We desire to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business, be a force for good and be accountable and transparent.”

— Arbortech Founder, Kevin Inkster

Image: Arbortech

Companies putting Australia on the business for good map

Another recently Certified B Corp from our region, Down Under Enterprises, is a vertically integrated grower, producer and global wholesale supplier of pure and traceable Australian Essential Oils and native Australian botanical ingredients.

Established in 2001 in Founder Dee-Ann’s spare bedroom, Down Under Enterprises is now a leading and respected global provider of native Australian botanicals. The daughter of long-standing Australian Tea Tree farmers and a sixth generation farmer herself, Dee-Ann and Down Under Enterprises have arguably pioneered the supply of natural, native Australian cosmetic raw materials to the global market – including Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood.

Image: Down Under Enterprises

Proud to grow many of its products on their own farm — Buhlambar (local Aboriginal name for “Home of Tea Tree”) — on Bundjalung Country, Down Under Enterprises works alongside their global customer base to incorporate these naturally active ingredients into their own personal care and home care products.

“We are farmers and we understand these plants, their growth and harvest cycles, and especially their functional properties. Although we endure hardships — floods and droughts, heatwaves and frosts, and more — we get great satisfaction working with the land and producing these wonderful products.”

— Down Under Enterprises

When doing good business is a recipe for doing life right

For Down Under Enterprises, their overarching philosophy, for business and for life, encompasses three driving principles: traceability, sustainability, and the empowerment of people. Their longstanding commitment to supply chain traceability is something they believe is “key for manufacturers responding to consumer demand for ingredient transparency”: 

“Adulteration of Essential Oils and botanical extracts is a serious issue that affects the safety and efficacy of these ingredients and the products containing them. Consumers have a right to trace where the ingredients in their products have come from. More and more brands aspire to the claims of ‘natural’ and ‘green’, but unfortunately, there are still some that conveniently ignore the truth and, in doing so, put their own consumers – and their brand – at risk.”

– Down Under Enterprises

Operating their farms with ‘100% pure, 100% natural, and 100% traceable’ Australian botanicals, Down Under Enterprises supplies its wholesale essential oils to hundreds of manufacturers in the personal care, home care, pet care, medicinal care, and industrial markets each year. With every kilogram of essential oil produced, their team generates extensive amounts of data to document the whole process — from production to delivery. 

Image: Down Under Enterprises

All too common in the industry, they lament, many Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts, companies with global supply chains may unintentionally become entangled in dubious – even illegal – supply chain issues. 

“News reports of modern-day slavery, child labour, unsafe work conditions, harvesting of endangered species, and extensive environmental damage are, unfortunately, too common. And the recent practice of ‘greenwashing’ hasn’t made it any easier for manufacturers and brands to ensure they have integrity and security in their supply chain.”

– Down Under Enterprises

For Down Under Enterprises, one way to give customers confidence that ‘what they see, is what they get’ was to undertake B Corp Certification; a way of giving (prospective) customers a high level of supply chain assurance.

“To Down Under, B Corp is more than just a certification. We knew that B Lab’s Theory of Change aligned perfectly to our values and the commitments we already made. Our B Corp Certification and Ecovadis Platinum status are not about earning exclusive ‘badges’, but rather, they validate our efforts to be part of a systemic change for good in this world.”

— Down Under Enterprises

Image: Down Under Enterprises

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Navigating the B Corp Certification process

For Arbortech, they found the certification process both a rewarding and humbling experience with many valuable insights learned throughout the process: 

“The changes and improvements that were implemented all support the overall performance of the organisation, and how we operate to continuously learn, grow and meet our ESG goals. We strongly recommend any aspiring B Corp to give it a go. The certification process itself is a great opportunity to audit the company processes and implement improvements.”

— Arbortech

And for Down Under Enterprises, while they describe certification as a rather gruelling 14 month process, they wouldn’t change a thing — with the journey to becoming a B Corp giving them the impetus and the framework to “continuously improve our efforts to create a better future for our staff, our community, our customers, and the planet”.  

Their final tip? Measure and track everything, especially regarding sustainability activities. 

“By keeping a close eye on activities and their sustainable impact, we can make better informed decisions. And there’s nothing like having your processes be transparent and validated by a trusted third party.”

— Down Under Enterprises

A big thank you to both Arbortech and Down Under Enterprises for taking the time to share their B Corp Certification journeys with us. 

You can learn more about Arbortech’s masonry and power carving tools by visiting:, and browse Down Under Enterprises’ sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals at:

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