Melbourne B Corp Month panel: Environmental sustainability for businesses

Are you passionate about integrating sustainability into your business practices? Do you aspire to become a certified B Corp but feel overwhelmed by the environmental pillar of the Impact Assessment? BlueRock invites you to an enlightening panel discussion that demystifies the intersection of business and sustainability.

This event is perfect for business owners who are eager to take meaningful climate action and learn about becoming a B Corp. Register now if you’ve ever wondered:

  • What are my business’s carbon emissions?
  • How can my small business help the planet?

Whether you’re just starting to consider your carbon footprint or looking to deepen your environmental impact, our panel of experts will provide valuable insights and actionable steps. Join us as we lead the charge towards a brighter future, constantly seeking new ways to amplify our impact.

Date: Wednesday, 20 March
Time: 5:00 pm — 7:00 pm AEST
Location: BlueRock HQ, Level 2, East Podium, Rialto 525 Collins St, Melbourne