Monitoring and reporting non-hazardous waste: How does your company monitor and manage your waste production?

Hi brains trust,

For this question, I’d love clarification on the definition of ‘regular’, is this annual monitoring? Much appreciated.

Here are the possible answers:

  • We do not currently monitor and record waste production

  • We regularly monitor and record waste production but have not set any reduction targets

  • We regularly monitor and record waste production and have set specific reduction targets relative to previous performance (e.g. a 5% reduction of waste to landfill from baseline year)

  • We regularly monitor and record waste produced and have set a zero waste target

  • We have met the specific reduction targets set during this reporting period

  • We produce zero waste to landfill / ocean

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Good question @LydiaHo. I would imagine “regular” means as often as you are disposing waste which is likely to be weekly, but you might weigh/pay or capture this expense as a monthly or quarterly cost.

@Mindy_B_Lab might be able to clarify the use of the word regular but as it’s not specified in the BIA my sense would be it’s ok to select these answers if you are in fact monitoring and recording your waste production.

How often are you measuring?

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Thanks Alison! We measure on a monthly basis.

Thanks for the question Lydia and for the answer @Alisonmichalk!

Alison is spot on, in that companies can dictate the regularity of measuring (eg. quarterly, monthly).

Measuring monthly is terrific @lydiaho.