Ngarrimili First Nations Women in Business Cocktail Connections Event

Hi there,

I’m Bek and I work for Ngarrimili, which is a non profit charity that works to support aspiring and established First Nations business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs. We engage with First Nations contractors and advisors in different expertise, ranging from business strategy, marketing, accounting, website development, and branding. We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs to ensure they have the right support systems in place and are not set up to fail.

We are hosting a First Nations women in business cocktail networking event on July 2nd in Melbourne for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in business, and the creative space. We are looking to see if there are any businesses that would potentially be wanting to support us for this event?
We’re looking for some sponsorship/assistance with;

  • alcoholic beverages
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • some things that could be included in gift packs

We are expecting approximately 100 amazing women to attend, so this support would contribute greatly in enabling us to execute this event.

If you would like to get in contact with myself to discuss this, please email

Thank you so much!


Hey Bek, this sounds like an amazing event. I know we have some amazing folk in here from food & beverage B Corps. Tagging a couple in case they are able to help out or know someone else who can @JamesPerrin @Ainhoa and @ttobie (if you aren’t already in touch).


Thanks Larah!

Bek and I have been in touch and we will be providing some drinks for this awesome event of black excellence!!!


Hi @beklasky,

Thanks for tagging me @larahkennedy.

Sounds like @ttobie is all over it from 4 Pines (ps Ttobie I’d love to catch up… I used to chat to Kiera semi-regularly and connect on all things good in the beer world!)

If you need support from Stone & Wood we’d be happy to help too, but the crew at 4 Pines are epic so you’re in great hands.