Pablo & Rusty's - 2022 Impact Report

Hey B Corp Community :wave:

Hope everyone’s enjoying B Corp Months celebrations :tada:
As an aside, we’ve just released our 2022 Impact Report.
We produced it house with a Project Team from across our organisation. Our aim was to keep it short, and concise, distilling down 1000s of data points and activities into an easy-to-absorb document.
Lots of learnings along the way but we’re pretty happy with the result.

Importantly, a shout out to this community, you help inspire us towards our goals, cheering us along the way. Thanks for the support!

P&R Impact Report 2022


Nice one, @Chris! I love the simplicity and clarity of design - you’ve presented the headlines very impactfully. :+1:
One small consideration for next year - to perhaps use GRI standards for your next Impact Report? I’m a big fan of the GRI standards - it’s such a robust framework for reporting. In the same way the B Corp BIA is the most amazing framework for whole of business impact measurement, GRI is the best framework for reporting. And the awesome thing is that GRI and the BIA have been cross-mapped - love it when leading standards organisations collaborate.
If you’d like to know more about reporting using GRI standards don’t hesitate to reach out… :slight_smile:

Hey @Rosanna, thanks for the kind words :raised_hands:

Always appreciate the feedback and recommendations. As a team, we discussed a few different reporting framework options. GRI Standards are certainly something we’re considering for future reporting.
Might be worth a chat down the road :ok_hand:


You’re welcome, @Chris ! Reach out any time.:+1:
In the meantime, happy B Corp Month! :smile:

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Thanks for sharing this with the B Community Chris. Much appreciated. Brooke

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Thanks so much for sharing Chris, it’s really great to see how you’ve presented your information. Excellent work on it. Tam

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thank you for sharing @Chris . Your Impact report has great information. And now it is time for a coffee!

Thanks @Jaz, I think it’s always time for a coffee :wink:

Thanks, @tamarapitelen. Appreciate the kind words. We think it’s best read with a coffee :grin:

Thanks @Brooke_Anderson. Always appreciate the support from the B Corp community. It always serves to inspire :hugs:

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