Phone App suggestions to measure water, electricity, etc

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has found a great app to use on phones that you can measure and manage data around a businesses water, electricity, gas, waste etc usage? (would be great to have multiple users available too)
We currently use an online tool, however we are wanting to look at an app so we have the info at hand on our phones. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thanks! Fiona @ Untouched World


Welcome to the community @fionabretherton! I’ve not found a good phone app but maybe some of our resident energy folk might have ideas: @SarahSannen @HannahM

Hi Fiona, I can definitely help you for electricity usage. You will need a device (a ‘consumption meter’) that is installed in the company’s meter board that will collect the data to send to a software provider to analyse and display. I can recommend Solar Analytics (certified B Corp), especially if the business has, or is thinking of installing solar.

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Hi Steph,

Thanks so much for this information. I will definitely have a look into Solar Analytics!
Very helpful.

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Hi Fiona, sorry coming in very late on this one, but if you are still exploring … I haven’t used it personally, but the team at ClimateClever have recently launched a business app which may be worth a look also: :slight_smile:

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