Public Consultation Open: Location-Based Platforms Draft Standards

Hi all,

I hope your days are going well. I’m Lauren, the new Certification & Standards Manager at B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand! Nice to e-meet you!

I wanted to share an exciting update that B Lab’s draft risk standards for location-based platforms are now available for public consultation. Location-based platforms are digital labour platforms where tasks are performed at specified physical location by individuals; examples of location-based services include ride-sharing, delivery services, and home services.

In order to participate in the public consultation period, please review the public consultation materials and participate in the survey before July 31, 2023 (also linked on the B Lab website).

If you have any connections in your network with expertise in location-based platforms (e.g., academia, civil society organisations, location-based platforms interested in B Corp certification), please share the public consultation materials and survey with them as well. After the public consultation period, B Lab will analyse the stakeholder feedback in order to update the draft standards and present them to the Standards Advisory Council for a formal vote and the Board of Directors for ratification. The final standards will be published on the B Lab website in 4Q 2023. Please let us know of any questions. B Lab appreciates your collaboration in ensuring our standards reflect multi-stakeholder perspectives.

Please reach out if you have any questions.