Ready to use list of local suppliers

A little update from the Wellington B Local community.

We decided to tackle creating a ready to use list of local suppliers for our Wellington facilities by creating a shared spreadsheet where we can pool our resources!

We’re filling it up with all out favourite local suppliers that align with B Corp values. By our powers combined we’ll earn those precious B corp points! And support some great local businesses along the way! :green_heart:


That’s fab Clare! Go Wellington! And thanks for sharing, exactly what I love to see here :smiley:

As an entirely remote/decentralised company I’ve really struggled with the concept of “local” suppliers… they’re usually local to one of the team members!

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Yeah we had a big chat about what local meant to us. We decided that Wellington companies were great but also that if it’s an NZ company that delivers NZ wide then for us that meant local. As opposed to shipping from overseas.

Also we quickly realised that sometimes it was the product we supported as opposed to the retailer. E.g. A really good sustainable product but it was coming through an international chain. But we still want to support the product! So we ended up making a place in the spreadsheet to state if it was the product or supplier that we were championing.

So much detail to consider!

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