Recertification Resources: May Webinar Q+As

Last Thursday we had a Recertification Webinar, where our Certification team shared key information to know about the Recertification journey. Learn more about what to expect via our recertification guide. :arrow_upper_right:

Reminder: All recertifying B Corps are required to submit their B Impact Assessment at least six months in advance of their recertification date.

Please be sure to reference your official recertification date on the dashboard of your B Impact Assessment and reach out to our team with any questions or concerns:

Questions that were asked during the Q+A:

Evolution of Standards Guidance

Q: We are certifying in March 2026 which needs to be submitted in Oct 2025. Do we use current or new standards?

Q: If recertifying in May 2026, do we have to meet the new standards?

A: Our current guidance from the B Lab Global team is that recertifications with a submission date in Q3 2025 (July-September) will be submitting on the current version of the B Impact Assessment (v6), while Q4 2025 (October-December) submissions are to be determined. We are currently seeking guidance on what the expectation is around submission requirements from October 2025 and we should know the answer to this in the next month.

The transition period for ensuring you meet the new standards is in the process of being developed, and will be communicated, guidance will be provided throughout the next couple of years.

Understanding your 2025 submission date

Q: Our recertification date October. Looking at the timeline we should have probably submitted already! Will there be issues with submitting over the next few weeks?

Q: If we are due Dec 2025, is our recertification due in June 2025?

Q: We are due to recertify in 2025 on v6 standards. What is the time period between recertification to the new standards? Is it still every 3 years?

All businesses with recertification dates in 2025 will be recertifying on the current standards, v6 of the BIA.

With the advice to submit 6 months before your recertification date, all B Corps with a 2025 recertification date should be looking to submit their recertification in the coming months.

We encourage everyone who is overdue to submit, or who do not think they will meet their submission date, to reach out to to advise on their progress, and seek support.

On using the B Impact Assessment (BIA)

Q: Does adding team members grant access to all data on the dashboard? Or can we filter them for only the parts of the project they are involved?

A: If you wish to give access to only part of the assessment to allow for collaboration, we recommended downloading the BIA in excel/PDF form and working with the project team in that document."

Q: If there isn’t an option to select IBM in the question type, would that mean we wouldn’t have one?

A: Impact Business Models are unlocked through gating questions :arrow_upper_right: in the B Impact Assessment. These gating questions assess key eligibility criteria for the Impact Business Models. If you meet the criteria, the Impact Business Model questions will become available to you. You can learn more about IBMs here :arrow_upper_right:.

Q: How does an Impact Business Model tie in with being a Social Enterprise?

A: Being a social enterprise or have Social Traders certification does not automatically grant one or more Impact Business Models, as this is ultimately about the impact generated through a company’s business model. IBMs recognise business models that are designed to create a positive impact for one of your stakeholders. This means If you are a social enterprise, then you are more likely but not guaranteed to be eligible to earn points in an impact business model. Keep in mind that Impact Business Models have specific eligibility criteria.

Fiscal Year Guidance

Q: We have taken a big hit to our revenue and size of team since end of last financial year so lots of big changes in our business. Should our answers reflect last financial year or can I wait and use this years financial year which is more accuarte to where we’re at?

We encourage you to use any time period that falls within 18 months of your submission date. Please refer to the reporting period article :arrow_upper_right: for more information.

Q: ​​A 15 month recertification process at a team level with a parallel requirement that fiscal year must be within 18 months places recertification as a highly resource intensive project. Are B Corp aware of this and considering how they can reduce this overhead and make the process more efficient?

The time taken really depends on the size and complexity of the business. For smaller businesses to allow for more time and for it to be spread out across the 15 months, we suggest this timeline.

The advantage for B Corps recertifying this year and next is that you will be required to complete the same version of the BIA as last time. Therefore, encouraging you to go over and update some questions that require updating (such as financials). If your operations and business model still remain the same, we do not anticipate a lot of changes in the assessment.

Changes to business since previous certification

Q: We completed a crowdfunding campaign last year, meaning we have approximately 700 new shareholders from our community. But these shares are not publicly traded. Would our Ownership Type still be Independently Owned?

Yes, even with increased shareholders through crowdfunding campaigns, you would still be Independently owned.

However, we recommend you notify your analyst about any major changes, such as an increased number of shareholders once you enter the review process.

Q: If a business has rebranded since initial certification, is the recertification process the same except updating the business name and branding in the profile?

Yes, if it is just a brand name change, the recertification process is the same. Please update your BIA name in the Company details page. However, if it’s more of a structural change, please reach out to for next steps.

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Thanks Lucinda for sharing this information. It is so handy for those of us recertifying.

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