Ripple Surf Coast Local BCorp Community Launch

We are Ripple Surf Coast - the local B Corp community. We are a group of local representatives from Patagonia, Bellroy, Cherised Pets, Arkana Energy, Happy Spaces, Merton Lawyers, SJ Coaching and Happy Soul.

We have come together to create local ripples of positive change by bringing together and empowering businesses towards purpose and sustainability.

Launch Event

To launch our local BCorp community, we will be hosting an event at Bells Beach Brewing Co on Thursday 15th of April and we would love all local business in the Surf Coast region and beyond to join us.

The event will feature the global BCorporation business movement and some of the local BCorp businesses. BCorporations are using business as a force for good by transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

This will be a free event with food and drinks available for purchase. It strictly ticketed to 100 guests due to COVID-19 Restrictions so ensure to register your ticket here.



How exciting!! Congrats on getting this off the ground.

We (4 Pines) have a venue down in Torquay! If you have other events in the pipeline hit me up :beers:

Hey Tobie,

Thanks for your message.

We’ve been chatting about reaching out to 4Pines, we’d love to have events with you and also get local reps involved in the chapter.


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