Upcoming Purpose-led events

Beautiful B Corp brains trust!

I am tasked with researching upcoming 2022/ 2023 purpose-led events and conferences. I am scouring the inter webs of course, but thought I’d reach out here to see if there is something you guys know of coming up? What have you attended in previous years and loved?

I am also looking to connect with some other Executive Assistants in the B Corp space - I feel like we would be able to share a lot of valuable information between us - from things like venue ideas, team event suggestions, volunteering ideas and even gifting suggestions. If you are an EA and would like to connect - drop me a message below - would LOVE to chat with you.

Sharon :slight_smile:


Love this Sharon!

I know we’re coming up to end of year gifting, so I thought we could open-source a product & services catalog for the AANZ community to help create! I’ve just started moving it all into Airtable for our new website — as it used to live on our old website — so keep an eye on that page for updates. :slight_smile:


Great idea! If you open source this conference/event list please let us know - I think there are lots of us who would be keen to use it and add to it.
In the meantime here are some Australian ones for your list:
Purpose, Impact X, SMH Sustainability Summit, AFR ESG Summit, AFR Climate & Energy Summit, Momentum (by CBA)…


Hi Sharon, would love to connect. I am an EA working for Armadillo and we are going for recertification in 2024. Would love to share information.
Thanks for reaching out

Hi Sharon, I love this one we run - https://www.uxnewzealand.com/ it’s geared towards people-centricity and solving tricky problems for people and the content is inspiring.

Thank you so much Julie