All of Aotearoa catch up - Dec 2021

For anyone who couldn’t make it here are the top take aways from today’s meet up:

Recertification tips:

  • Unlocking IBMs will get you mega points!
  • In the BIA if you filter by ‘Questions type > Gating’ it will show you the questions that unlock further opportunities for points.

Initiatives from the B Corps

  • Sharesies have been working with Hitch, a car pooling app, to survey their team on how they get to work. The data from this was really useful and can feed into the carbon calculations! Anyone keen to know more reach out to @Demi

  • We had a tour of Springload’s new carbon offsetting benefit for the team.

  • Cogo released a white paper on Behaviour Science and Climate Action. A must read for anyone trying to drive behaviour change in this space.

  • Little Yellow Bird are launching in office recycling bins for cotton recycling. Anyone in Wellington interested get in touch with Jess : Jess Matthews

Questions that we’re asked and somewhat answered!

  • @Demi is seeking advice on how to weave B Corp values into company risk assessments. All advice welcome!

  • Retirement plans: Any advice on how to get points for “Plan that specifically includes Socially-Responsible Investing option?’ Pathfinder is the way to go!

Next community initiative: Our joint webinar venture.

Next meet up: Feb 2021!

See you there! <3

Meri Kirihimete!


Hey guess what! Turns out Springload changed their default Kiwisaver provider to Simplicity months ago and they forgot to tell me. :laughing:

Well I will take those 0.37 points thank you very much!

Communication is everything in the game of B Corp!

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