Wellington Coffee hang on Wednesday, 26 January

Wellington B Corp crew!

Our first get together of 2022!
Peoples Coffee on Lukes Lane, 9:30 Wednesday 26th January 2022.

A casual get together to share what we are all up to.
@Kiraday I have sent to the Wellington contacts I have but if there are any newbies or prospective B Corps on your radar feel free to pass this on to them/into us.

See you there!

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thanks for the invite see you then!

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Hi - is this still happening under Red settings? I’m keen to be involved. :slight_smile:

Afternoon everyone!

Probably sensible to move this to a virtual catch up now we are at red.
Springload have been asked to work from home where possible.

Hope you can all still make it!

You can use this link to join the meeting tomorrow. meet.google.com/ief-stpm-xyr

See you there!

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Things discussed this morning!

  • Certification. What advice would we give people about to go through it (Prep for webinar!)
  • Updating company constitution. Where we are we all at and next steps
  • Our tips to move the dial on diversity in hiring (Plus what a good recruitment experience feels like)
  • Onboarding that reflects your teams values
  • *A round up of what we are working on next!

If you’d like to have great chats like this keep your eyes peeled for our next catch up!