Coffee mornings @ Habitat 8am ** June catch up

Hello wonderful folk :wave: In the spirit of community, let's kick off regular coffee mornings! :coffee: If you're a B Corp, aspiring B Corps or companies & folk interested in doing business better, please come along.

Please invite whomever you’d like, it’s very much a collaborative community event. And if they haven’t joined the online community, invite them here too :slight_smile:

cc @Kiraday @Michelle @JamesPerrin @natalie.brookes @Holly.McQueen

Image details: Wed 8 December, 8am-9:30am Barrio @ Habitat.
B Community Byron Bay. Join local B Corps, aspiring B Corps and like-minded business folk for a monthly coffee catch up. All welcome. #byronbcorps


Amazing - thanks so much @alisonmichalk looking forward to it!

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I love this! I work from home in Lennox on Wednesday’s. In future if we could do Tue, Thur or Friday I won’t miss it.

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@Holly.McQueen fab we finally get to meet! And yes absolutely, can change mornings. I’m guessing everyone holidaying in Jan, so will aim for next one in Feb if people are keen?

@Nadee.4DP are any of the 4DP crew interested in coming along to a coffee morning? I met Maddie on a 1% for the Planet group call not long ago!

@natalie.brookes can you make it? :pray:

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Hi @alisonmichalk and the rest of the gang, you can usually count me in for these gatherings, but I already have a client meeeting scheduled. Soz :frowning: Hope you have a great time with lots of christmas cheer :christmas_tree:

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I have contacted Danielle from Sienna who is keen to join. I have asked to try to join this feed.


@alisonmichalk @Henry_Brydon is in too :blush:

I’ll get invites out to The Farm, Coconut Bowls, & Olli Ella!

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Yep, count me in!
Nadee has left the company but I am sure there will be a parrot or two happy to join, too


Happy New Year Northern Rivers peeps! I’ve already kicked off the year with a great brunch catch up with @SonjaCeri who I met at the last coffee morning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So come along and meet some great folk. B Corps and friends welcome, please pass on the invite.

@Holly.McQueen I’ve moved it to a Thursdays, hoping this suits!
Pinging a few folk who come to mind! @natalie.brookes @ryansharpley @Netty :coffee:


Amazing thank you Alison!

I will be there for sure :honeybee:


Yay awesome! See you there!

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Nothing like a delayed reaction @alisonmichalk ! Ive been away on holidays, though back on deck now - yes count me in for that - look forward to seeing you there at Barrio

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Hello lovely people, unfortunately my step-son has COVID and I can’t make it on Wednesday. I will be out of iso shortly if all goes to plan but the recommendations seem to say avoid gatherings for the week after.

I’m so bummed as I was really looking forward to meeting more Byron B Corp folk. It will go on regardless so please get along and invite others. @ryansharpley @Nikki please get along and send me a pic! :wink:

We will have another coffee & brekky in MARCH for B CORP MONTH. So pencil in TUE 8 MARCH please. (Switching to Tuesdays if ok as I’m sure a few of us like to get to the farmers markets on Thursdays.)

Oh bummer, hope you guys are in the clear soon. Tuesday’s are better for me!

8th is penciled.

I hope everyone & loved ones are safe.

Due to the floods and weather conditions we will have cancelled next week’s coffee morning (was scheduled for Tue 8th).

Naturally many have been affected by the floods and/or will be busy helping the local community deal with the clean up. These two groups may be of use to those with capacity to help.

Byron Shire Urgent Flood Assistance
Resilient Byron

cc @Michelle @Kiraday @joannenguyen

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Thanks for the update @alisonmichalk – hope everyone is staying safe. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support — we’ll see where we can amplify those groups.

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When is our next meetup?

Thanks for the prompt @SonjaCeri! We had a little rest so folk could cope with the floods etc but it’s be great to get these back. Maybe a monthly drinks event too at S&W?

How is next week — Tues 1 June, 8am at Habitat?

@Holly.McQueen @Michelle @jahdon @ryansharpley @Nikki @Netty

Hi Guys, I will be in Sydney on Tuesday. Would be keen for drinks at S&W, and or the next coffee event.

I can’t do the 1st but maybe the week after?