Monthly B Local Sydney Coffee Catch Ups


The B Local Sydney inaugural monthly coffee catch up kicks off on 19th Feb at 8am at Single O in Surry Hills (60-64 Reservoir Street). It’s open to all B Corps, aspiring B Corps and purpose-led organisations to come and have a chat, meet new people in your tribe and celebrate the wonderful things that this community does on the daily.

If you can’t make this one, don’t worry, same time, same place on the third Wednesday of every month!


Bring a friend, bring a colleague, bring someone who has no idea what B Corps are!

See you there :coffee:


Top work on the inaugural BLS coffee morning @alisonmichalk & @KarenPorter! You even managed to get me to a morning event… rare!

Great to see you @benpecotich! Thanks for using your morning time to share with us! It was a great turn out. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going!

Haha thanks for making an exception and coming along Ben. You realise you have to come every time now? Founding member and all…

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:smile: I’m a builder not a farmer… all about helping catalyse and build… then let the farmers do their thing!

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Btw… get any photos to share?