B Corp Month 2023: Campaign Preview

We’re excited to announce that the B Corp Month 2023 theme has finally arrived. :tada:

Next year, get ready to go beyond. Find out all about it here (for B Corp eyes only, for now!).

We’ll be sharing the full toolkit in the new year, but in the meantime, you can sign up for a comprehensive campaign briefing from our brand new Director of Communications Angie Farrugia on 31 January. Register here.


That first link doesn’t seem to be working @Kiraday

I also can’t access the link yet, but looking forward to seeing it, and congrats Angie on the new role!

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@Talia and @MikeC — thanks! Try now and let me know. :slight_smile:


Works a charm, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @Kiraday! Looking forward to making some B Corp noise in 2023 :raised_hands:

Any brands looking to amplify their B Corp month messaging, I’d love to chat about potential collaborations :point_right: chris@pabloandrustys.com.au

Exciting! My brain is already starting to mull on what the B Local Wellington Community could do for it! :tada: