Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Practices for a Thrivable Future - 28 Aug 2023 (Special 50% discount for BCorps)

Hi fellow BCorps!

You are warmly invited to join the upcoming event, at a special discount for BCorps:

Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Practices for a Thrivable Future

A Virtual Learning and Networking event
Mon 28th Aug 2023
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm AEST

We increasingly hear the term “Regenerative” in business and social change. But what does it look like in practice?

Join us for some inspiring lunchtime learning, to exchange stories of change, challenge and success, explore what regenerative practice looks like at the level of self, business and society, and its connection to Conscious Capitalism tenets.

You’ll hear stories from the field from some of Australia’s leading regenerative practitioners, such as

…and more.

We invite you to come with a story (or more) to share from your own practice too.

Walk away with new perspectives on what it means to be regenerative, inspiration for your conscious business practice, and valuable and heart-warming connections with others in the conscious business community.

Join us in re-authoring the story of business as we tell, listen, and weave stories of conscious business practices and carry insights and learnings into our practice as conscious business leaders.


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This event is the first in a story-driven series in partnership with Leading Through Story, by BCorp Digital Storytellers, and artfully facilitated by resident facilitator Lina Mbirkou.