Regen Melbourne Events at Melbourne Knowledge Week!

At Melbourne Knowledge Week last year Regen Melbourne launched our foundational report. This was a massive milestone where we were joined by Kate Raworth and 100s of people in the room and online to put our out into the world - getting into the safe and just space as defined by the Melbourne Doughnut.

As Melbourne Knowledge Week rolls around again for another year - it’s time to mark the moment, but in a different way - now that the mission has been launched, we are tasked with the arguably more complex job of figuring out “how to get there.…”

So this year we are convening a series of conversations to plot our compass of action towards the Mission: check out the below zoom series and our in-person gathering on Saturday 14th of May, register here!

Monday 9th May 12.30-2pm: Towards a Regenerative Melbourne (zoom)
With special guests Professor Yin Paradies & Sophia Bagatsing

Tuesday 10th May 12.30-2pm: Regenerating Business & Capital (zoom)
With special guests Andrew Davies & Berry Liberman

Wednesday 11th May 12:30pm - 2pm: Regenerative Places (zoom)
With special guests Professor Dan Hill, Katherine Sundermann & Christian Hampson

Wednesday 11th May 7pm - 8.30pm: Centering the Care Economy (zoom)
With special guests Dr Sandro Demaio & Rebecca Scott

Thursday 12th May 6pm - 7.30pm: Reimagining Democracy (zoom)
With special guests Varsha Yajman, Ella Simons & Dr Eve Mayes

Saturday 14th May 12.45pm-5pm: A Regenerative Melbourne in 2030 (in-person)
With special guests from across the network, including Yarra River Keepers, Circular Economy Victoria, Coalition for Everyone, Dumbo Feather, Centre for Public Impact, Greater Melbourne Cemeteries Trust and more!