Black Fridye hijacks BFCM to end disposable fashion

The fashion industry’s carbon emissions are forecast to rise 50% in the coming decade1 as billions
more garments are made every year. This is not only completely at odds with the proven climate science of needing to drastically reduce emissions to save the planet, but also just completely odd because we’ve already got too many clothes.The average Aussie landfills 23kg of textiles per year and wears only around 33% of their wardrobe.

Why? Because it’s really, really hard to find clothes you love – so when you finally do, they’re the only things you want to wear. Black Fridye is a project by Citizen Wolf that makes it stupidly simple to love your fave clothes longer by over-dyeing them black.

Black Fridye will re-dye any garment by any brand to give it a second life, offering an incredibly simple,
affordable and powerful way for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and help save the planet.

“Black Fridye delivers the same dopamine hit as hauling something on discount, but with 95% less
carbon” says Zoltan Csaki, Cofounder at Citizen Wolf who are running the project who continues,
“What started 2 years ago with a single email to the Citizen Wolf database has grown into a multi-industry coalition of over 20 brands with a collective ambition to elevate the sustainability discussion during the biggest - and most mindless - sales event of the retail calendar”.

Partners this year span industries from fashion & accessories to beer & fried chicken (which is not as crazy as it sounds!) plus many more.

Last year Black Fridye saved over 594,000L of water by re-dyeing garments compared to virgin clothing production which is approximately 9 backyard swimming pools. This year we’re aiming to save 8 million litres, or enough to fill 3 Olympic swimming pools!

Black Fridye is a strictly time-limited event with orders open for one week only starting November 23. Prices start from only $19 for tops, $29 for jeans and $39 for jackets (exc. shipping) which is up to 70% off regular dye house pricing.

Black Fridye really is the first sale that doesn’t cost the earth. Join us!

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