Calling B Corp Architects & Designers!


I’m Lee & I look after Sustainability & Purpose at Pinnacle Commercial Interiors.
We have just recertified and as a result have a number of areas we wish to focus on and improve our impact. Particularly around products, lifecycle, waste management, supply chain.

Are there any interior designers amongst the community who are interested in having a chat about a few projects we have in the loop?

Thanks! Lee

We are not interior designers but as product designers we design and manufacture carbon neutral frames made in NZ. We also create bespoke presentation folders, menus etc. Most of our products are made here in Australia from sustainable materials.
Give me a call if this is or interest. 02 95600122
Kind regards, Gillian

Hi Gillian,

Thank you for reaching out sharing this information.

This is very interesting! A number of hospitality venues sit under my umbrella and we are looking to obtain B Corp certification for these sometime in the near future!!

Pinnacle has done a number of sites over in NZ if you are ever looking (or anyone else is) for a B Corp interior fit-out company!

Warm regards,


Thanks it is really useful to know exactly what other BCORP companies actually do. Gill

Hi Lee

Congratulations on recertifying as a B Corp and setting some impact improvement goals. I am a B Consultant, Certified Interior Designer, and NSW Branch Councillor for the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). I have just completed my MBA, with a keen interest in helping design businesses improve their social and environmental impact. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more info

I welcome the chance to chat with you and discuss some ideas for the projects you are currently working on and generally improving Pinnacle’s social and environmental impact. Congratulations again on the recertification and Pinnacle’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Warm Regards

Kathy Joyce
Phone: +61 418 376 588

Hi Kathy,

Many thanks for reaching out.

Your experience is of interest for a number of projects!

Would you like to catch up via Zoom one day to chat in detail?


Hi Lee
I would love the chance to chat via Zoom. Please email me at and let me know what dates suit you best.